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Kickapoo Earth Day is conducted every year in the Spring time. It is attended by tribal members and employees along with EPA Region 7 employees. The Kickapoo Environmental Office divides the participants into groups who help in road side clean up activities.

Click on the links below to see the pictures and logistics of the previous Earth Day events.

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Tree Care, Planting and Pruning Workshop

On March 9, 2010 a “Tree Care, Planting and Pruning Workshop” was held at the Kickapoo Community Building and hosted by the Kickapoo Environmental Office and Kansas Forest Service.  An afternoon and evening session was offered to anyone who wished to attend and participants were given a free Redbud seedling.  A good time was held by all while the main focus was on tree selection, planting and care, pruning and energy efficient windbreaks and landscaping.  A Scarlet Oak and Red Elm were planted to demonstrate proper technique and several of the Red Maples in front of the Community Building were pruned.  Supporting organizations included the Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas, Kansas Forest Service, Brown County Extension, Brown County NRCS, Glacial Hills RC&D, Delaware WRAPS and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. 

To view the presentations, click the link below.

Tree Care, Planting and Pruning Workshop

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