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Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas reported 2010 waste reduction efforts prevented greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from 7,362 gallons of gasoline according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s WasteWise Program.

Implemented in 1993, WasteWise is a free, voluntary EPA program through which organizations eliminate costly municipal solid waste and select industrial wastes, benefiting their bottom line and the environment. WasteWise helps its Partners set and meet goals to reduce and recycle municipal solid waste and selected industrial wastes.

A Partner in the program for over a year, WasteWise is a fundamental part of Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas' sustainability initiatives. Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas makes significant reductions in its environmental footprint through activities such as waste prevention, recycling, and the purchasing and/or manufacturing of recycled-content products. By committing to undertaking and reporting on these activities on an annual basis, Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas continues to demonstrate environmental leadership.

Data reported annually on these activities is translated into greenhouse gas reductions and equivalencies by EPA, using the web-based WasteWise Re-TRAC tracking and reporting tool. This is one of the free benefits to program Partners along with technical support and recognition opportunities.

According to Luke Terry, Kickapoo Environmental Director, "Through WasteWise we have been able to accurately track and record recycling poundage to analyze the benefits to the environment. Participation in WasteWise has helped us reduce costs and demonstrate Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas's commitment to conserve natural resources and protect the environment."

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