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Kickapoo Tribal Government

The Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas is a federally recognized sovereign Indian Tribe, and is organized in accordance with section 16 of the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934, as amended by the Act of June 15, 1935.

Kickapoo Constitution and By-Laws established the procedures to elect a governing body called the Kickapoo Tribal Council, a body of seven elected enrolled members of the Kickapoo Tribe to serve two-year terms. The Kickapoo Tribal Council is the official governing body for the Kickapoo Tribe and is so authorized in Section 1, in Article III of the Kickapoo Constitution and By-Laws. They have enumerated powers as to negotiate with Federal, State, and local governments.

As a Sovereign Indian Nation, the Kickapoo Tribal Council carries the same unique powers and duties as any city council officials across the United States. Regular meetings are held by Tribal Council to discuss, and vote on tribal matters that affect the Kickapoo Reservation community, enterprises, legal issues, and overall tribal government operations.      

The Kansas Kickapoo people have their own traditions, history, culture, and language. The Kickapoo Reservation covers a five-by-six mile area and is located approximately five miles west of Horton, Kansas. The tribal enrollment office reports a total membership of 1,653 as of December 2006.

The Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas held the tribal election on October 6, 2014. The following is a list of Tribal Council Members and position that resulted from the election and proceding officer selection:

Chairman -
Vice Chair. -
Treasurer -
Secretary -
Member -
Member -
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