Plum Creek

Upper Delaware and Tributaries Watershed
Plum Creek Dam & Reservoir Project Timeline

Multipurpose Site MP 21-14
PL 566 Timeline

July 1978
General Plan completed by the Nemaha-Brown Joint Watershed Board.  

January 1983
Tribal Chairman receives letter from Soil Conservation Service stating that tribe cannot be sole sponsor of PL-566 Watershed plan since they cannot exercise control over lands outside the reservation.

March 1983
President of Nemaha-Brown Watershed and Kickapoo Tribal Chairman sign co-sponsorship agreement on PL-566 Structures and form Joint Watershed Board.

June 1983
Nemaha-Brown/Kickapoo Tribe completed an additional plan that added funding requirement estimates.  

January 1992
Water Quality and Quantity Analysis for site MP21-14 completed.

September 1992
Operation and Maintenance agreement with Kickapoo Tribe signed.

Wildlife habitat assessment completed.

October 1992
Recreation plan for site MP21-14 completed.

June 1994
Upper Delaware & Tributaries (UDT) PL 566 work plan and Environmental Impact Statement completed and signed by all sponsors.

NRCS Kansas sends Upper Delaware and Tributaries PL-566 plan to NRCS National Headquarters for review.

August 1995
NRCS NHQ sends Office of Management and Budget - Upper Delaware and Tributaries plan for review and transmittal to Congress.

May 1996
Office of Management and Budget (OMB) sends Upper Delaware and Tributaries plan to Congress for Authorization. 

July 1996
U.S. Senate approves Upper Delaware and Tributaries PL-566 watershed plan.

May 1998
Congressman Ryun testifies before the Water Resources & Environment Subcommittee in support of plan.

June 1998
U.S. House approves Upper Delaware and Tributaries PL-566 watershed plan.

July 1998
NRCS Chief notifies State Conservationist of Congressional approval of Upper Delaware & Tributaries watershed plan.

September 1998
State Conservationist notifies all sponsors and interested parties of Congressional approval.

September 1999
Pikitonio Special Study meeting: NRCS and Kickapoo discuss UDT plan and what it will take to get construction started. (Land rights acquisition is first step).

April 2002
NRCS 5-year feasibility analysis reaffirms UDT PL566 plan feasibility.

January 2003
Kickapoo tribe holds a public meeting/tour with Congressman Ryun onsite and at the Kickapoo Tribe Community Center.

March 12, 2003
Meeting with Kickapoo Tribal Representatives and Nemaha-Brown Watershed Board President to discuss process for obtaining land rights.

July 24, 2003
Nemaha-Brown Watershed Board meets and passes resolution to “not proceed with condemnation at this time” and will revisit the issue once the tribe made an effort with negotiating with the landowners without eminent domain. The motion was seconded and carried by unanimous vote

October 2003
Dexter Davis is elected as new President of Nemaha-Brown Watershed Board. The Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas begins extensive efforts to purchase the land needed for the Plum Creek Reservoir.  Multiple letters are sent to involved landowners and a variety of incentives are offered.

January 2004
Nemaha-Brown Watershed board meets and tables indefinitely a resolution to proceed with condemnation at this time, effectively telling the Tribe they will not honor previously signed agreements. The Tribe continues efforts to purchase the land for a fair price.

April 2004
Nemaha-Brown Watershed Board meets and fails to consider a resolution to proceed with condemnation.

May 2004
Assistant Secretary of the Interior, Dave Anderson, visits the Kickapoo Tribe and tells Tribal Chairman Steve Cadue he will do everything he can to assist the Tribe with the Plum Creek Project. He directs the Tribe to make a film capturing the Plum Creek story.

May 2004
Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius assigns the Director of the Kansas Water Office, Joe Harkins, to mediate a meeting between the Brown-Nemaha Watershed Board. The Watershed Board asks for more time to research its own records and obligations.  The Tribe asks for a vote up or down on Plum Creek.

June 2004
At the direction of Assistant Secretary Anderson, the Tribe begins to produce a film on the Plum Creek Story.

July 2004
Representatives of the BIA, including the Regional Administrator visits the Tribe and the Brown-Nemaha Watershed Board.

June 14, 2006
The Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas filed a federal lawsuit in U.S. District Court in an effort to enforce express promises made to the Tribe to build the Plum Creek Reservoir Project in the Upper Delaware and Tributaries watershed. Defendants include the Nemaha-Brown Joint Watershed District #7 Board and its members individually, USDA –NRCS, DOI-BIA, and the Nemaha & Brown Conservation Districts.

July 2007
The US Army Corps of Engineers suspends the Nemaha-Brown Watershed Joint District #7 General Plan permit effectively stopping all further construction within the watershed. Specifically excluded from the suspension is the Plum Creek Reservoir project.