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Kickapoo Road Maintenance
Updated 11/05/2015

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide timely, cost effective road maintenance and responsible improvement of Kickapoo Reservation’s roadway network to facilitate safe and efficient travel.

• Graveling, and grading all reservation roadways.
• Bridge maintenance and rehabilitation for safe passages.
• Road surface maintenance to prolong long term usage.
• Maintenance of grass, shrubs and trees on roadway right-of-ways.
• Repairs to ditches to facilitate proper drainage using rocks, pipes and culverts.
• Placements, repairs and maintenance of traffic signs.
• Repair and maintenance of all tribal vehicles and equipment.
• Winter road maintenance on removal of snow and ice control.
• Responsive to all road requests and problem solving when needed.

James Keo, Jr. – Director james.keo@ktik-nsn.gov
Everett Switch – Supervisor everett.switch@ktik-nsn.gov
Herman N. Evan – Administrative Assistant herman.evan@ktik-nsn.gov
James Simon – Operator/Laborer james.simon@ktik-nsn.go

Road Maintenance hours: 8:00A.M. – 5:00 P.M.
Monday through Friday.

1061 Falcon Road
Horton, Kansas 66439
Telephone: (785) 933-2500
Facsimile: (785) 933-2502


  • 2014 – Community Building Parking lot was paved, which was funded by 2011 Discretionary Grant with matching funds from the tribe. Three (3) miles of chip sealed pavement was laid down on 110th to 120th Road, and 140th to 150th Roads on Goldfinch Road.
  • 2012 – Construction of 110th to 140th Road on Goldfinch Road was awarded an Indian Reservation Roads High Priority Project (IRRHPP). KTIK Tribal car tags were issued out to the tribal members residing on the reservation.
  • 2011 – Construction project of the 130th Road, which was the improvement of a two (2) mile stretch from Falcon to Goldfinch Road; it included grading, drainage construction and laying of asphalt. This project included construction from Site 2 housing entry to Firefly Road to the east entrance of Site 7. Gratitude to our Tribal Members, the residents, and the school districts for their cooperation on these crucial construction projects for their diligence and in adhering to our requests to get the project done on a timely basis; Thank You one and all. Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) grant through Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) program funded a project work on tribal tract number fifty-three (53) that consisted of removal of three gradient systems and installing a three (3) tile terrace system to deter erosion problems.
  • 2010 – American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) project made improvements of six (6) miles of roads within our reservation that consisted of removal of roadside debris, reshaping drainage ditches on the right-of-ways and addition of four thousand (4,000) tons of road stone gravel. The grant purchased a new Skid Steer with attachments to be utilized in our road maintenance projects; the heavy equipment is a much needed within the department for many other projects. The project rehabilitated Falcon Road south from Kansas Highway 20 with construction of four inches (4”) of pavement. Through the funds a 2010 Ford 550 with electronic dump was purchased that is used to haul heavy equipment from the yard to the worksite, it is also used for other projects to haul various equipment to get the job completed.
  • 2007 - Winter storm was declared a disaster by the Kickapoo Tribe In Kansas (KTIK) Tribal Council and actions into emergency repairs, maintenance with additional crews swung in to action and completed the repairs to the disaster zone areas.