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Kickapoo Road Maintenance
Updated 06/21/2011

Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas
Roads Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide timely and cost-effective maintenance and responsible improvement of the Kickapoo Reservation’s roadway network to facilitate safe and efficient travel.


Grading, graveling, all Reservation roads.

Bridge Maintenance/Rehabilitation

Maintenance and repairs to surface drainage ditches, pipes, and culverts.

Pothole and surface repairs to all Reservation roads.

Maintenance of grass, trees, shrubs, and general condition of Road rights-of-way

Placement, repair, and maintenance of traffic signs.

Repair and maintenance of all departmental vehicles and equipment.

Winter snow and ice control as necessary.

Response to citizen requests and problems.


James Keo Jr. - Director


Everett Switch – Supervisor

Jayme Thomas– Administrative Assistant
jayme.thomas @ktik-nsn.gov

Elwynn Thomas – Operator

James Simon - Laborer/Operator

Available 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Monday thru Friday

1061 Falcon Road
Horton, Kansas 66439
Phone: (785) 933-2500
Fax: (785) 933-2502


• In 2010, we received $425,000 from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. We were able to purchase a 2010 Takeuchi TL250 Skid Steer with attachments, totaling $73,000. We also made road improvements to 6 miles of our Reservation Roads. This consisted of removal of roadside vegetation, cleaning, reshaping drainage ditches, and adding a total of 4,000 tons of gravel. We were also able to improve 1,200 ft of Falcon Rd from K20 to a quarter mile going south with 4” of pavement.

• Some of the profits made from these projects purchased a 2010 Ford F550 with electric end-dump.

• So far this year our projects have been mainly in the Agriculture business. We are currently working on Tribal Tract #53. We are removing 3 gradient systems and installing 3 tile terrace systems. This is an Equip project through NRCS.

• In the near future, we are to construct an access road to the new Administrative Bldg located to the immediate north of the Kickapoo Fire Department.

• We will soon begin road construction on 130th road from Hwy 75 going 5 miles east to Goldfinch Rd. This road will be 4” of pavement with markings. Anticipated construction from start to finish is 5 months.

Click Here for Memo on 130th Road Project 6-21-11

Click Here for Memo on 130th Road Project 8-25-11

Click Here for Memo on 130th Road Project 10-12-11

Images of Progress on the 130th Road Project