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April 26,  2010



Kickapoo Senior Citizen News

We have received the Title VI grant in the amount of 76,160.00. This is our Nutrition

grant. We also received the Caregiver grant in the amount of 14,410.00. This grant is for

the respite care. I must have the doctor's slip, saying you need the help. We held elections last week for a secretary and member. The members of the Advisory Board are: Chairperson, Lionel Pewamo; Vice chairperson, Marybelle Patterson; Secretary, Frank Wahwassuck; Treasurer, Lawana SacquatICastro; Member at large, Jean Conklin.


We also discussed trading the 15 passenger van in on a 7 passenger one.

 We will be looking to see what we can find. We are going to sell the handicapped bus also. With the price of gas it takes we don't use it that much. These two items were voted on and passed. We will have a bake sale on the 5"' of May; we will have a Breakfast that day also. If

we want to go on a trip, we must raise the money for this, as; we do not have that much in

the budget. We will need volunteers for these activities. I will be handing out paper work to upgrade records, please fill it out and turn them back in to me, Please. We have to have these for records. The pot-luck dinner for the month is this Friday at noon. Hope to see you here

.In May we will be having Older Americans Day activities at the Pow-wow grounds. It

will be on the 21d. if weather cooperates we will BBQ. If weather is bad we will have the

activities here at the center.


Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program
The Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas Senior Citizens Program will be partnered with IRS sponsored Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA).
This program offers free tax help to low-income people who need help preparing their tax returns. The seniors need volunteers to help with clerical duties, tax preparation and auditing. Volunteers receive free tax training through an on-line program and the VITA coordinator will be available for additional consulting.
Volunteers should be available from early February through mid April. If you are interested in learning more about tax preparation and want to be of service to other, contact the Kickapoo Senior Citizens Program by signing up in person, calling 785-486-2688, or emailing kickapoo.seniors@ktik-nsn.gov.
A schedule will be posted in January.


Lawana will be checking into trips that we can take.

In order to take the trips we will need to hold fundraiser. Maybe we could take the Bingo Concession. Start having breakfast on Friday along with our bake sale. She will be looking into tickets to a Baseball game. The syrup making will start in February 2011. She will speak to Mr. Simon or Mr. Horned Eagle about the bowl and spoon making. We need to have a craft sale, so if you have any ideals or suggestion, please feel free to give her a call at the



Any questions give me a call or drop in to the office


Director, Dorothy


Provides support services for Kickapoo elderly including Title VI Part A and C Nutrition which inlucdes a noon meal. Program includes respite care for elderly.

There are six employees in the department.
Requirements for department of program: Annual reports to AOA Wash. D.C.


Phone: (785) 486-2688
Fax: (785) 486-2141